Events catering

1. Party Menu

  • Chicken kebab in sesame
  • Mini gyros in tortilla
  • Rolled rump steak with goat cheese and rocket
  • Bruschetti with four types of cheese, red onion and bacon
  • Pork fillet with cheese, pepper, and pepperoni on a stick
  • Greek salad in a glass
  • Price per person (minimum 10) is 800,00 RSD (500gr)

2. Cocktail Menu

  • Cesar salad in a glass
  • Rump steak and grilled zucchini on a stick with Dijon dressing
  • Savory muffin with pepper, feta cheese, pepperoni, olives
  • Rolled bites of tortilla with spicy chicken, cheese, bacon, tomato, and sour cream
  • Mediterranean skewer with olive, cherry tomato, mozzarella and rocket
  • Price per person (minimum 10) is 700,00 RSD (400gr)

3. Children’s Menu 1

  • Mini chicken gyros
  • Mini frankfurter in rolled puff pastry
  • Mini pizza
  • Price per child (minimum 10) is 250,00 RSD (250gr)


4. Children’s Menu 2

  • Mini cheeseburger in tortilla
  • Puff pastry mix
  • Baguette sandwich with ham, cream cheese and cornichon gherkins
  • Price per child (minimum 10) is 250,00 RSD (250gr)
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