Organic food

Zdrava organska hranaOrganic food is a term meaning healthy food, produced without use of pesticides, artificial supplements and other chemicals, grown on ecologically clean soil. Only food that has been produced in accordance with national and international standards, can be called healthy. Organic food contains up to 50% more nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is common misconception that organic produce is smaller and less appealing than those treated with chemicals. With a help of protective substances based on organic and plant sourced material that never harm their natural characteristics, organic fruit and vegetable cannot be visually distinguished from regular. On the other hand, taste and aroma of quality and healthy organic food highly differs from non-organic produce.

The story about organic food doesn’t end with vegetables and bread. There is organic meat, cheese, milk…
If you care about your health and long life, choose this type of diet.
Chily Wau Catering gives you an opportunity to enjoy healthy and tasty organic food, provided by our trusted suppliers.
Choose from our existing offer by our master chefs, or invent your own needed dose of health!

Organski paradajz

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