• Grilled rump steak 1kg
  • Grilled pork fillet 1kg
  • Grilled chicken fillet 1kg
  • Chicken thigh/thigh with drumstick filleted in mustard, honey, garlic, white wine 1kg
  • Kebab with 10 spices and 4 types of onion with yoghurt dressing for dipping 1kg
  • Beef meat balls with feta cheese, spring onion, pepper, oregano 1kg
  • Rump steak rolls with rocket, butter, pecorino cheese, seeds 1kg
  • Rolled pork fillet with pepper, cheese, bacon 1kg
  • Chicken kebab with bacon, zucchini, cherry tomato, red onion, mushrooms 1kg
  • Three meat kebabs (chicken, beef, pork) in three marinades 1kg
  • Chicken fingers in Dijon mustard fried with sesame and Parmigiano 1kg
  • Stuffed chicken with Gorgonzola, rolled with zucchini and prosciutto 1kg
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